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Mozingo Music Surprises Play It Forward Founder With A Generous Donation on the Steve Harvey Show!

Play It ForwardSt. Louis, MO – March 2013: Samantha Fisher, the founder and driving force behind the non-profit organization Play it Forward was spotlighted on the Friday, March 29th episode of the Steve Harvey Show (aired locally at 4PM on KDNL 30 ABC Affiliate).

Mozingo Music’s Jeff Mozingo and Brian Vaccaro surprise Fisher with a generous donation for the Play it Forward foundation during the show.

An instrument can be a breath of life into the spirit of a child. Music can give a shy child a voice, a lonely child hope, and a gifted child a dream. With budget cuts heavily hitting our school systems, music education is in serious jeopardy. Thanks to the Play it Forward foundation, school systems are being provided much needed instruments on their wish list that their downsized budgets cannot cover. Who knows what can manifest from a gift of an instrument and/or music lesson to an aspiring youngster. Perhaps it could plant the seed to grow the next music icon or virtuoso. Maybe it could sprout a future world-class conductor. Or what if it inspires a budding songwriter to create a Grammy award winning song. Just as school athletics programs produce future pro-athletes, school music programs can produce professional musicians, and Play it Forward is proactive in the community securing that the music never dies.

Instruments and other musical instrument related items can be donated
to Play It Forward at either Mozingo location

Pictured above: Keyboard Donation to The Lemp Neighborhood Arts Center on June 24, 2013 via PIF See more pictures >>>

About Play It Forward

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The mission of Play it Forward is to ensure each child in St. Louis is provided with the opportunity to discover his or her musical voice. The program donates musical instruments to children whose school and parents cannot afford the equipment. The organization also contributes instruments to schools whose music department funding does not cover the costs for instruments for students who wish to join the school’s music program. More info on Play It Forward >>>

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