Science of Sound

Jeff Mozingo has created a unique, interactive approach of teaching the basics of sound to elementary age students. In a 45 minute clinic, he uses wood, metal, plastic, animal skin and electronic percussion instruments to demonstrate how different sound vibrations travel through the air. The basics of sound generation, transmission, and reception are demonstrated in a fun, exciting way that grabs the attention of all listeners.

To schedule The Science of Sound clinic for your classroom or school, contact Brian Vaccaro for availability at (636) 227-5722 or

Educators and Students Love The Science of Sound!

Jeff Mozingo is a fabulous presenter that keeps the students engaged at all times! Throughout the unit the kids have quoted things he has said during his presentation, and has even gone as far as using his information as a test answer at the end of the unit. One example is the first thing he tells them about sound, that it needs someone to hear it, vibrations and air in order to create a sound. He is a wonderful addition to our unit on sound!” -Theresa Meyer (Pond Elementary, Third Grade)

“I never knew music could be so much fun. Wow…he was playing music from different movies. I didn’t know there were different types of drums. Where is his store?” -Third Grader

“There is always a lot of learning and laughing when Jeff presents at our school! Jeff Mozingo makes learning about sound fun and engaging! He teaches the students about the properties of sound and helps kids appreciate sound.” -Mrs. Wierzba (Chesterfield Elementary, Third Grade)

“Has stories about sound that students relate to, and keeps students engaged!” -Mrs. Castelli (Chesterfield Elementary, Third Grade)

“Uses a variety of instruments to gain students attention and teach different kinds of sounds.” -Mrs. Hlavaty (Chesterfield Elementary, Third Grade)

“The presentation keeps the students on the edge of their seats. They’re excited to see which musical instrument will be next.” -Mrs. Lisa Wierzba (Chesterfield Elementary, Third Grade)

“My students were so very excited all day before AND after the workshop!! They could not wait to get to music for the workshop and it was ALL they talked about the whole day afterwards too! Wonderful job!” -Kelly Pope

“The students loved it! Went home telling parents all about it! Thanks!” -Colleen McKeon

“This was an awesome workshop! Kept the kids wonderfully engaged the entire time! The students were really able to relate and learned a lot from the wonderful percussion abilities of Jeff Mozingo! The students were telling me for days afterwards how very much they enjoyed the workshop! Thanks so much! I highly recommend this workshop!” -Barb Philipak

“Jeff’s enthusiasm for what he does is contagious. Curricular concepts are creatively interwoven throughout the presentation.” -C. McGrath

“Jeff keeps the kids engaged the whole time.” -Ridge Meadows Third Grade Teachers

“The buzz of the presentation lasts long after it is over.” -K. McNown

To schedule The Science of Sound clinic for your classroom or school, contact Melissa Payton for availability: (636) 300-9553 or