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We couldn’t have been happier with The Stage and adjoining lounge for our gathering this week. Everything about the experience was perfect, and we left with a lot of happy faces. Thank you Brian Vaccaro, and everyone at Mozingo! We hope to be back soon!

Sincerely, Catherine D.

WOW, Joe. I just picked up my flute you detailed. Amazing. I thought my troubles with the flute was because after an accident 8 years ago that severed the main nerve under my lip, my embouchure was permanently wrecked. Over time, the nerve structure “re-wired” and the flute playing came back, happily, to a significant degree, but with challenges for upper- and lower-most notes. After your tune up (and terrific more-than-spit shine, thank you! Beautiful!), I am playing that flute better than I ever had before the accident.

Note to amateur musicians: it may not be you… it could be your instrument that is sick. Take it to the Mozingo Doctor before you give up.

With such a pretty sound from the improved play of the flute’s mechanics, I am more confident, and look forward to practicing! Now, that is a statement. Thank you! Money more than well spent.

-Marsha C. (Ellisville Store)

There is not another store in St. Louis that provides the customer service that Mozingo Music does. The staff is incredibly helpful and is to there get you what you need to succeed in music! They love their customers and work for the betterment of their community… it’s great to see local business done the way Mozingo does it!

-Chris H.

I became familiar with Mozingo Music in O’Fallon about 3 yrs ago, when I wanted to display an item for sale in your store to benefit young musicians. The manager on duty that day was Eric Parrent. He welcomed me and my wares and said he thought that it would benefit his patrons. We have been working together ever since and hopefully have touched the lives of many youth thru the Truthpik necklaces we sell. Eric is a wonderful representation of managing a store where they are aware of the community needs and wants to provide a safe and cost effective atmosphere where families can take their children and know they will find what they need at a reasonable cost. All of the personnel at Mozingo, both stores, have been nothing but awesome whenever I have stopped in or called for assistance.

They always have a full stock of instruments for all styles of music. Although I am not fully aware of all they do, besides sell instruments, give lessons, and provide schools with instruments, they also participate in and sponsor all kinds of music contests, and concerts, and have worked with 99.1 Christian radio station, to provide a wonderful family day at their O’Fallon store.

If you have not been there yet, I recommend you stop in. Be prepared for a good experience!!

If I ever have any music needs, Mozingo is the place for me!

-Katy C.

My experiences with Mozingo have all been very positive. The staff is very knowledgeable, helpful and friendly.

-Lynell B.

I wanted to share what a great buying experience I had at Mozingo Music. I purchased an electric guitar and a multi effects unit from Mozingo and got a great deal in terms of price and fantastic sales support from the staff. I will continue to frequent Mozingo for my guitar related needs and will buy with confidence knowing I’m getting the best available pricing and top notch sales support from a friendly, knowledgeable staff. A great place to get the personal attention you want when buying and the competitive pricing that you demand as a conscientious consumer. Bill and Matt were a pleasure to work with. Recommended!

-Jess V.

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