Events: Testimonials

[referring to the Mozingo Rock University 2013 Summer School Concert] Hey, great show at the Chesterfield Ampitheater. My wife and I attended with a picnic basket and enjoyed the evening. We had not heard of Mozingo before this evening (we are from another part of the US). We did not know one single person in the whole place. Just wanted you to know we thought it was a great idea and great way for musicians to get experience performing live in front of a general audience. From what we heard (and saw) the kids/students had prepared well and had a good experience. I think a lot of folks would have been proud of the young people performing; kinda gives a person a good feeling about the youth of this country (certainly a better view than the crud we get spoon fed on TV). Thanks for a great evening!”

-Tom B.

“The Acoustic Jam at Ellisville is great! It’s well run and always starts on time. Everyone is welcome to participate at their own level so there’s a good variety. I began as a beginner just strumming along and now I can sing and play a song. It’s a lot of fun!!” Thanks to everyone at Mozingo for providing such a wonderful, fun, supportive, and encouraging place for music.”


“I wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed the October Bluegrass Jam at Mozingo Music. You had things set up well, and the sound was good. Give a special thanks to the sound man, as they are often overlooked. I had heard people speaking well of the jam there, but never made the effort to go. I am glad I did, and plan to return as often as I can. Jams like yours, and others I attend regularly, really go a long way in helping musicians to build their skills, meet new friends, and get exposure to many varieties of music. Thanks again, and God bless…”

-Joe McCrory

“I’m really enjoying the Bluegrass Jams at the store. I usually just sit in the back and strum along. Playing rhythm is where I’m most comfortable and although I love traditional folk music, my knowledge of bluegrass standards is pretty slim. Still I’m having fun playing along. I am getting restless however and I am working up a couple of songs so I don’t have to pass every time my turn comes around. Flat pickin’ is hard though. I’m glad everyone is so friendly, It’ll make it easier to shrug off any mistakes.

-Craig Hurd

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