Mozingo Rock University Open House Concert

MRU Open HouseFREE “Open House” Jam — Fourth Saturday of Every Month from 2:00-4:00pm at The Stage at Mozingo Music in O’Fallon!

A free performance opportunity for youth/teen bands, duos or soloists. Bands can reserve time to perform for family, friends, or the general public. These performances will publicized as free and open to the public. They will also be used as promotional opportunities for the Mozingo Rock University program. MRU bands will be encouraged to participate, but these events are also open to youth/teen bands not involved in the program.

HOW IT WORKS: Each band/performer will need to contact Brian Vaccaro at 636-779-5673 or to reserve time during one of the MRU Open House events. A schedule will be established for each month’s show and posted below and publicized through Mozingo’s social media pages. Bands are welcome and encouraged to promote their performances using these pages. Each band, duo, or soloist will have a maximum of 25 minutes of performance time during an MRU Open House event. If you have less than 25 minutes of material, please indicate that in advance.

The band roster for the January 25, 2014 debut of MRU Open House Concerts:
  • Connor Low
  • Talking to the Moon
  • Jeske Park
  • Nationally Chill

OTHER INFO: Anyone who participates as a performer in the MRU Open House must be between the ages of 12 and 19. Upon booking, your band representative will be asked about instrumentation. You may be asked for audio or video samples of your band as well. To make performance transitions easier, a house drum kit, bass amplifier, guitar amplifiers, and microphones will be supplied. Bands will use the house PA at The Stage. Bands may bring their own guitar effects and cymbals if they wish.

These shows are $FREE and open to the public! Bands are strongly encouraged to invite anyone and everyone they know!
Mozingo Rock University Open House

Fourth Saturday of the Month
2:00PM – 4:00PM
FREE – open to the public
The Stage
(636) 300-9553


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