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September 18, 2015 @ 9:30 am - 12:00 pm

Dear St. Louis Music Educator, please join us for a free workshop!

Teaching with Technology – Presented by Christy Hacay

How to Use Digital Piano Features in Weekly Lessons

Please join us Friday September 18th

9:30AM Continental Breakfast

10AM to 12PM Workshop

Piano Distributors in Chesterfield

15464 Olive Blvd


Christy will share her expertise with you…

Learn about:

1.      MIDI files–what’s available and how using them benefits students. Hear midi files from Alfred, Piano Adventures, Hal Leonard, Dozen a Day, Hanon, Christopher Norton and many more.

2.      Recording–making practice tracks that students will want to use during home practice. Learning classical pieces can be enhanced using Digital Technology. Christy will demonstrate how recording 2 part inventions using different voices can improve a students understanding of each part. She will also give practice ideas using the recording features that can benefit students in the learning of sonatas and sonatinas.

3.      Scales, Arpeggios and Chords–make your students look forward to practicing these.

4.      MIDI, mp3 and wav. files–Learn how these files are different from each other and how to use these with your students.

5.      Moving song files from digital pianos to student’s devices (phone, iPod, iPad etc.) Bring a USB flash drive and your laptop computer if you’d like step by step directions.

While our acoustic grand piano business at Piano Distributors is very strong, it has now become obvious that the growing trend in vertical piano sales is digital.

Discerning parents are fond of the many improved features of digital pianos that include:

·        Authentic grand piano repetition, touch and dynamics

·        Headphone capability

·        Tuning stability

·        High quality sound

·        A multitude of music education capabilities

With so many students owning and practicing on digital pianos, educators need to stay relevant in today’s world. This workshop can be eye opening and can provide the knowledge you need.

Please RSVP to 636-532-1881 or email christyspianostudio@yahoo.com to secure your place at one of our digital pianos for this hands-on workshop!


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