Tolkin Isakov

Tolkin Isakov

Monday, May 19th, 2014

Tolkin graduated from Tashkent State Conservatory obtaining a Master degree in Music, and also a post-graduate degree at the Moscow State Conservatory, equivalent to a PHD. He has been a timpanist and percussionist for 14 years with the National Symphonic Orchestra of the Republic of Uzbekistan (republic of former USSR). He was a senior teacher of percussion at Tashkent State Conservatory in Uzbekistan for 12 years.

As a senior teacher of percussion, he was also a soloist orchestra and concert performer. Tolkin’s performance skills and pedagogical practices are of the highest level. He has been a solo percussion performer for international concerts and festivals, an ensemble soloist for international concerts and competitions and a teacher of music clinics and workshops at universities and colleges throughout the Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Turkey, Russia, the Central Asian countries of Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Austria, France Germany, Switzerland, Greece and the United States. Tolkin has worked as musical director and performer with the internationally renowned Ensemble “Yalla,” the National Ensemble of Uzbekistan.

Tolkin has been an arranger, studio folk percussionist and musical programmer for Studio Audio Records. He has a recording contract with Imagina Production for Yalla, the State Honor Ensemble of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Their music is distributed internationally through Tower Records. Some of the more popular releases are: Jinouny — Imagina Productions, Seattle, Washington, The Beard of the Camel — Imagina Productions, Seattle, Washington. He is an expert in Middle Eastern and Asian rhythms.

Tolkin has been teaching drum set and percussion at Mozingo Music since 2001. He has always been dependable and professional and we consider him to be an essential asset to the Mozingo Music teaching staff.


  • Adjunct professor of percussion instruments at St. Charles Community College and at Mozingo Music.
  • Teaches more than 50 different percussion instruments.
  • Performances, Master classes and lectures for various universities (Utah State University, Minnesota University, University Wisconsin-Madison, University of California Santa Barbara, and others)
  • Wrote folk songs, drum parts and solo arrangements for The University of California Santa Barbara Middle East Ensemble. Composed and recorded Rhythm Song for the dance department of Utah State University
  • He worked with REMO company to design a frame drum doira (an exclusive frame drum doira with synthetic, made by REMO Company)
  • Locally he is performing as a timpanist, percussionist and drumset contract performer.

Over the course of his teaching carrier he has had several hundred students, some of them now working as teachers or contract performers in different parts of the world such as Korea, Germany, Greece, Russia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, USA and others. Two of his students are international competition winners



Patterns of Ghana, ensemble for 6 percussionist Tahitian Patterns, ensemble for 7 percussionists (marimba 1, marimba 2, vibraphone, bells, timpani (4), drum set with tam-tam, ocean drum & tambourine) In the Style of the Mambo, ensemble for 7 Percussionists (timpani, drum set, congas, bongos and timbales, cow bells, marimba, vibraphone), Contemporary Rhythms, ensemble for 6 Percussionists (snare drum, piccolo drum and bass drum with the pedal, hi-hat and shaker, bongos and woodblock, tom-toms and timbales, timpani) Arrangements: Labamba, arrangement for Percussion Ensemble (marimba 1, marimba 2, drum set, shaker and tambourine, timpani (3), conga (2)) Two Lappars (old Uzbek folk songs), arrangements for Ensemble Singing Percussionists (bass drum and vocal, bongos and vocal, nagara and vocal, doyra and vocal, tambourine and vocal, shaker and vocal)


Maurice Ravel, Bolero, transcription and arrangement for Percussion Ensemble (bells, xylophone, vibraphone, marimba, xylorimba, chimes, timpani, snare drum, drum set (5 bongos, 4 tom-toms, tam-tam, cymbals, hi-hat), and grand piano Niccole Paganini, Campanella, written for violin, transcribed for xylophone or marimba Pyotr Tchaikovsky, Cant d’Autumn, written for piano, transcribed for vibraphone with 4 mallets.


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