Repairs: Testimonials

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WOW, Joe. I just picked up my flute you detailed. Amazing. I thought my troubles with the flute was because after an accident 8 years ago that severed the main nerve under my lip, my embouchure was permanently wrecked. Over time, the nerve structure “re-wired” and the flute playing came back, happily, to a significant degree, but with challenges for upper- and lower-most notes. After your tune up (and terrific more-than-spit shine, thank you! Beautiful!), I am playing that flute better than I ever had before the accident.

Note to amateur musicians: it may not be you… it could be your instrument that is sick. Take it to the Mozingo Doctor before you give up.

With such a pretty sound from the improved play of the flute’s mechanics, I am more confident, and look forward to practicing! Now, that is a statement. Thank you! Money more than well spent.

-Marsha C.

As a middle school band director in West County, St. Louis, I have students who need instrument repairs on a regular basis. Mozingo Music is second-to-none in their repair turnaround. If you are looking for a music store with great quality band instruments as well as excellent repair technicians, choose Mozingo Music!

-Band Director, West County

I’ve been playing guitar a long time, and believe a well set-up guitar is essential for playability and sound. Having said that, I loathe getting my guitars set-up because it usually takes so long (plus it can be expensive). I dropped off an Epiphone SG, and a Gibson Les Paul Junior — both of which had never been properly set-up. I dropped them off on a Friday afternoon, and they were ready on Monday afternoon — perfectly set-up! And the cost was equivalent to what I have paid for one set-up at other places. Awesome job, Rene!

-Terry Sullivan, Wildwood MO

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