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I like Mozingo because they do their best to match each of my children with a teacher that fits. We love the teachers! When you don’t have to remind your child to practice you know you have a winner.
-A. Kottmeyer, Parent

I like Mozingo because my teacher is really nice and I love the violin I got there.

I like Mozingo because they have all the books I need for all of my instruments. My drum teacher is the best.

I like Mozingo because they offer lessons on lots of different instruments so it’s just one stop for my mom. That means three lessons can happen at the same time in different lesson rooms.

-K., B., and A. Kottmeyer, Siblings and Students

After taking guitar lessons with a private instructor for a while, our two sons started guitar and drum lessons at Mozingo a couple of years ago. By the next summer, they were joining guitar ensemble and Rock Band 101. When our oldest son started middle school and wanted to do band, we were pleased to find a trombone tutor at Mozingo, too. They have a lot of teachers and will find a lesson time that works with our schedule. The instructors make learning music fun for the kids.
-C. Walker-Adams, Parent

David Gloyd is great and in the 2 lessons I have had so far he has taught me a lot. I also took drum lessons with Brian a while back and he was also great. I thank Mozingo for having such great teachers and staff throughout the store. Sorry to gush but I really love the store and the group of people there and just wanted to say thanks.
-J. Kaufman

Mozingo Music is AWESOME! Between the friendly and knowledgeable staff, their great selection, their fabulous teachers and lessons, and their amazing clinics — they have it all!
-T. Phelps, Parent

I like Mozingo Music because my drum instructor Brett is the best! He is so much fun and I learn a lot!
-Ryan Godar, Student

We like Mozingo Music because their staff and instructors are very friendly and helpful. We have had a great experience, and my boys will continue their music journey with Mozingo!
-J. & D. Godar

I like Mozingo Music because we have been very satisfied with our many instrument rentals and purchases over the years. All of my children have taken private lessons for years and the teachers are excellent!
-C. Duchild, Parent

I like Mozingo Music because I have had children taking lessons there for over 5 years and have always been very pleased with the professionalism, friendliness, and helpfulness of everyone I’ve come in contact with. The instructors, lesson coordinator, and store staff go out of there way to make sure my children and I are taken care of and Mozingo has a wide variety of events that musicians can take part in.
-K. Lindgren, Parent

Mozingo staff,

I wanted to say thanks to you guys for being so supportive of our son and his love for music. He looks forward to his guitar lessons with Chris. It is obvious your instructors are hand picked from the most talented available. Chris commented that our son would not be a robot just imitating other artists. With encouragement our son (age 11) is composing his own song. We appreciate the Bonus Points that we accumulate with lessons and purchases. The staff at Mozingo have made us feel like family. Keep up the great work guys.

-R. Rosales, Parent

You guys have been a great experience. I appreciate all the hard work you put into the the store to make it worth working with you guys. I take lessons from Chris and absolutely love it. I like that you have bonus points, and the guys at the desk are 100% worth giving your business to. I really want to thank all of you for making it very easy to work with you.
-A. Rosales, Student — Age 11

Mozingo Music has played an instrumental part in my daughter’s passion for playing the guitar and her love of singing through her talented vocal coach. Mozingo is definitely a full service musician’s haven.
-S. Johnson, Parent

I teach lessons at Mozingo Music, so I see the store through both the customer’s eyes as well as behind the scenes, and I can honestly say nothing but good things about the store, because these are the type of things I have been told by many of my students…., and their parents! It is professionally run by friendly and knowledgeable people. It is a clean and family friendly store, which stocks great music gear at reasonable prices. With the addition of “The Stage,” Mozingo Music is THE place to be, because they are constantly offering clinics and group classes. I love seeing the excitement in many of my students’ faces as they hang out around the store. I also want to add that I have been very pleased with my purchases at the store, and very happy with the work done on my guitars by Dan, the guitar tech.
-John Scott, Guitar Instructor, Owner — Joyful Sounds DJ

I like Mozingo music because they make learning to play an instrument so easy, and fun. It started with an innocent visit just looking for a better guitar, and I ended up buying not only a great acoustic guitar and amp, but an excellent keyboard too. Plus, each instrument came with a month of lessons to ensure that they would be played and not just collect dust. Even though studying two instruments at a time was tough, the instructors were excellent and they helped me make a lot of progress in my first year! They’ve encouraged me to start playing guitar in public, and to start looking for regular songs to play on the piano — not just beginner stuff.
That’s not all. I’ve also attended a number of clinics and music events at Mozingo. I’ve learned about Takamine guitars, about audio recording techniques and equipment, and even helped play the National Anthem at a Cardinals game. I never could have envisioned all fun the that I’ve had since that first visit. Now I go to Mozingo for all my musical needs, and I’ve never been disappointed.
-Keith Stiern, Adult Student

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