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How To Guide: Rent or Buy

Parents have a tough choice when it comes to procuring an instrument for their child — rent or purchase? Indeed, it’s a difficult choice but there are some guidelines to make it easier. Simply download the PDF, “Rent or Buy” by clicking the link above.

Mozingo Music has been providing the best in rental instruments since 1972. We work with countless local schools and districts to help build strong music programs and we’re committed to helping everyone reach their musical aspirations. Review what we rent (instruments). Our rental program covers all major instruments.

Top 10 Reasons to Rent from Mozingo Music

  1. Unlock your child’s full potential -
    A child who has the desire to play an instrument should be encouraged. By renting an instrument from Mozingo Music, you have the peace of mind that your child will not be hindered by an instrument of mediocre quality or poor mechanical condition. All instruments are inspected, cleaned and adjusted by our skilled repair personnel before being offered for rent. It will be in ready to play condition the moment you get it.
  2. School approved
    All of our rentals are educator approved instruments, from reputable instrument manufacturers. These instruments are designed with the durability and playability that make learning as easy as possible.
  3. No obligation
    Should your child’s interest change, you may return the instrument at any time. There are no long term commitments or cancellation fees. You will receive a bill monthly. Simply pay the bill or return the instrument. It’s that easy!
  4. Included Service Plan
    Part of the rental agreement is a service plan. Every musical instrument is unique, and many have small mechanical parts that on occasion, through normal use, need adjusted. We have service facilities onsite, and adjustments or repairs to the instrument are provided for the duration of your rental*. All instruments rented are repairable using commonly available repair methods and replacement parts. (Certain restrictions apply; please refer to the actual written agreement for exclusions and exceptions)
  5. Certified Repair Technicians
    Mozingo Music has a team of NAPBIRT** certified repair technicians with over 40 years combined experience, capable of returning the instrument to proper playing condition in a timely and efficient manner. They are trained in the latest methods and use state of the art tools specifically designed to repair and adjust band instruments.
  6. All Instruments are Rent-to-Own
    All band & orchestra instrument rentals are rent-to-own. A portion of every payment is applied toward owning the instrument, giving the student a lifetime to enjoy the benefits of learning to play. There is no interest charged on any rental.
  7. Multiple payment options
    We offer multiple payment options for your convenience. Our standard service is a mailed monthly invoice. You may also enroll in Auto-Debit/Auto-Credit and have the payment automatically withdrawn from your checking account. Payments are also accepted in person at any store for cash, check, or credit card.
  8. Full Service
    We have been serving the St. Louis area since 1972. In addition to rentals we offer private lessons, repair, school sales, and retail sales. We will be happy to assist in any way possible to make sure your music experience is a positive and pleasant one.
  9. Multiple sized Orchestra Instruments
    We offer multiple size orchestra instrument tailor made for the growing student. All students should be measured and correctly fitted with the proper instrument, whether it is violin, viola, cello, or bass. As the child grows, larger sizes are available. Simply bring the student and instrument in, and we will re-measure the child. We will re-measure as often as necessary at no charge to assure the child is matched with the correct size instrument. All orchestra instruments are set up to meet MENC*** standards.
  10. Rental Rewards Program
    All rental customers qualify for a discount on a full size intermediate or higher orchestra instrument and/or an intermediate or higher band instrument. At anytime, return your current rental and apply a portion of your rental money towards the purchase of an instrument. Ask us how!

*Prices include routine maintenance & servicing of the instruments.
**National Association of Professional Band Instrument Repair Technicians
***National Association for Music Education (formerly Music Educators National Conference)

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