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How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Musical Instrument?

One of the first questions a parent wants to know when they are looking to rent an instrument for the first time is: How much is this going to cost? It can be very confusing and somewhat difficult to answer but we will explain the things to consider.

Giving your child the best possible instrument ensures a positive and
enjoyable experience while they learn to play an instrument for the very
first time. You will have several options when choosing your
instrument of choice. Each instrument is unique in quality, performance
and price. You can rent used or new instruments. Used have some
beauty marks, but after having been through our repair shop, are
completely sterilized and in perfect playing condition.

Words of caution, when you are comparing companies, don’t be fooled
by the cheap trial month price. Those companies lure you in by the one-
month of cheap rent but then you still have to buy all of the accessories
and books. When a director makes a request for you to get a certain
mouthpiece or ligature make sure it’s included in the rental price. That
can dramatically add to the price of your first months rent. Take the
time to add everything up and you will find that when it’s all said and
done you actually pay more than if you went with a trusted local
company. Also, make sure that the money you pay to rent goes toward
the purchase price if you decide to purchase either that instrument or a
step up instrument in the future.


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