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groups & ensembles

Mozingo Music offers Camps and Classes throughout the year for a wide range of ages and abilities.


mozingo rock university

Ages 10-17

The Mozingo Rock University provides St. Louis Metro Area Students a rock band experience for learning and jamming together with their fellow students. It is a rock band program for vocalists, guitarists, bassists, drummers, and keyboardists between the ages of 10 and 17. Students will enjoy a supportive and motivating environment in which to learn, feel inspired to excel and to help their band to victory at their next gig.

MRU will be held at both store locations with several times to choose from. At the end of the 8-week session, student bands will perform an end of session concert at a local venue. Students will be asked to help promote the show to family, friends, and the general public. Various opportunities for performances before, after, and throughout the 8-week sessions will sometimes occur. Bands will be asked (at the director’s discretion) to perform. These will generally be community and PR performances that help promote the MRU program.

$299 new students/$279 returning students- purchase required to enroll

  • Fall II 2019 - October 14th - December 2nd

  • Final Performance - December 8th, at Blueberry Hill, 4pm

mozingo rock university for adults

Ages 18+

Are you an adult that plays guitar, bass, drums, keyboards, or sings? Have you always wanted to play in a band? Or, do you want to re-live the glory days of when you were? Why should the kids have all the fun?

Mozingo Rock University offers an Adult Band program for ages 18 and up! Practice in a band with other adults once a week for eight weeks and play a gig at one of St. Louis’ great music venues!

$299 new students/$279 returning students- purchase required to enroll

  • Fall I 2019 - July 29 - September 30



pop vocal workshop

ages 8+

It is time to take your singing to the next level!! This is a weekly group class that will teach our students how to perform on a real stage! They will be singing in groups (duets, trios etc), learning how to be a team, how to work with other singers, how to harmonize, how to use a microphone, have amazing stage presence, even how to write songs together and much more!

This is an ongoing class with monthly tuition

  • Fall I 2019 - August 19 - December 16

Kung Fu Group Guitar

ages 8+

"Kung Fu is Mastery Through Time and Effort!"
Join us as we stretch, strength train, practice techniques, go over form, jam, and cool down. Each strap (belt) represents a new level of skill & mastery on the student's guitar playing.

This is an ongoing class with monthly tuition

  • Fall I 2019 - August 19 - December 16


Kids Group ukulele

ages 6-12

During this 6-week introductory course, students will learn the fundamentals of playing the Ukulele in a group setting. They will focus on reading and picking/strumming techniques as they prepare for an end of session concert. Tuition includes 6 weeks of instruction, a beginning ukulele method book and the final performance. The final performance will take place after the last class in The Stage at Mozingo Music in O'Fallon.

$150 per student

  • Fall II 2019 - November 4th - December 9th

Kids Group Guitar

ages 8-12

Learn to play the guitar without having to buy a guitar. We’re so sure you will LOVE learning to play the guitar that you’ll want to stick with it. That’s why we’re offering a 6-week Beginning Guitar Class which includes a FREE loaner guitar with case (deposit required). Class tuition includes a music book and a guitar pick.

$95 without loaner Guitar
$145 with loaner guitar

  • Fall II 2019 - November 4th - December 9th