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So you wanna be a drummer - Don't we all?

Most of us have dreamt of being a rock star! Remember your first concert? How cool
was the stage, the lights, and wow – you could “feel” the music! Who wouldn’t want to
experience that, and be able to play like those artists?

Technology and advancements in production have changed the entry level drumset
market so anyone can have a good set at a reasonable price.

What’s included with a beginner drumset?

There are 4 main components that make up a drumset: the shells, the drumheads, the
hardware and the cymbals.

The drumheads make a significant difference and have the most noticeable impact in the
sound quality on a starter kit. Most kits will include entry-level drumheads. They are
suitable and will help you get your career off the ground.

The shells are the actual drums you play. Most starter kits will include a bass drum, or
kick drum, a snare drum and 2-3 tom-toms. These are often referred to as 4-pc. or 5-pc.
kits: bass, snare, 1-2 mounted toms and a floor tom.

The hardware can include the stands, bass drum pedal and drum throne, or stool. Most
beginner sets include a basic set of hardware that includes a bass drum pedal, hi-hat
stand, snare stand and 1-2 cymbal stands. Some models may also include a throne.

The cymbals will always include a set of hi-hats. Most beginner-priced sets will include 1
“crash-ride” cymbal. Some brands include a crash and a ride cymbal for a small price

If your budget can handle it, we recommend a “complete 5pc. kit”, which includes: bass,
snare, 2 mounted toms, floor tom, complete hardware with throne, hi-hats, ride & crash
cymbals. Now you’re ready to rock!

I don’t wanna spend too much, but I don’t want something too cheap – what do I look for?

Now that we have an idea of what’s included, let’s unpack the infamous “quality” differences.

Each of the components discussed above directly impact the cost of a complete kit. The shells on beginner kits are usually made of up to 5-ply Poplar wood. At this stage of your playing career, this type of construction provides a good balance of tone and durability, and should work fine until you are ready to “play out” or record.

Beginner kits in the $399 price range tend to have much lighter and thinner grade hardware. Often times they exclude thrones, a second cymbal stand, or other components. The hardware is important for 2 primary reasons:

a) quality hardware will give you the ease of playing & durability of your kit
b) better hardware allows you to add components, without having balance issues, etc.

Most starter kits offer 2-3 cymbals that reflect an entry-level sound quality. Although these cymbals may not be preferred initially, they provide an opportunity for the player to develop the skills and techniques necessary to play a complete drumkit.

As with any instrument purchase, the beginner-to-intermediate player will balance their preferences and the benefits of better gear with their playing abilities at the time. We all want to play with professional, top quality instruments – even as a beginner. However, we suggest that players commit the time to practicing and learning how to improve their skills - this will ultimately position you to justify future upgrades and advanced features.

That all sounds great, but how much is it?

Most Drum Shops focus their drumset selection on the advanced player. At Mozingo Music, we dedicate a large selection of beginner-to-intermediate drumsets! In addition to professional drum lessons & instruction, we offer a unique program for beginning players: Kustomize Your Kit – a Mozingo Exclusive. You can pick the color, the heads & the cymbals that fit your style & budget!

We have great relationships with famous name brands like Dixon Drums, Ludwig, Tama, Pearl, Gretsch and more. Price ranges vary for beginner drum sets, but you can realistically get a good complete kit that fits within your budget.

If I have a little more in my budget, what should I consider?

• Drumheads will make even a beginner drumset sound noticably better

• Better cymbals sound better, are less “shrill”, and tend not to be too loud

• Better hardware can last years, and save you money over time

• Practice accessories can be a game-changer!

- Low volume cymbals are 80% quieter! - practice pads or “silent” drumheads dramatically reduce the overall volume.

Do you need to be a “Rocket Scientist” to build it?

The answer is: Yes, kinda. There are aspects of assembling a drumset correctly that can be tricky. Most notably, hi-hats stands and tuning the drumheads properly. Although there are devices and online “help” articles available, there is no substitute for having an experienced player build and tune a drumset effectively. This makes a huge difference in the overall sound quality of the drums. Plus, when set-up right, they’re easier to learn how to play – helping you get better faster!

At Mozingo Music, we believe a beginning drummer should experience the ultimate excitement the very first time they play their new kit! We offer free set-up & tuning with every purchase. Plus, we show you how to set-up the kit for maximum comfort & playability, so you can begin your journey to playing like a Rock Star!