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Repair services


Our Repair Team specializes in:

Brass Repair• Guitar Repair • Stringed Instrument Repair • Woodwind Repair

We repair virtually any Band and Orchestra Instrument, along with Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar and Bass Guitar Repair/Setup. If we rent it, we can fix it! Percussion is a little different; we do repair, but it’s mostly replacing drum heads. But yes, we also repair Drums and Percussion.

Our experienced repair staff can fix your Woodwind, Brasswind, Percussion, or Orchestra instrument in a timely and professional manner. Our Band Instrument repair technicians are NAPBIRT* certified. If you need a minor adjustment, a complete repad, a small ding removed, a flush and valve job, just a string or drumhead replaced, we can do it! Just drop your instrument off at either location.

As a parent, you want to know that if you need your child’s instrument repaired, adjusted, or properly set-up, you can do so with ease, affordability, and convenience.

Mozingo Music has a full repair facility with in-store personnel that works on all instruments. Additionally, we do full set-ups and repair on fretted instruments with the most competitive pricing and turn-around in the business.

Mozingo Music is proud to have Rene Lopez heading-up our Guitar & Orchestra repair and set-up department. Rene has 30 years experience and has set-up and repaired thousands of guitars & stringed instruments.

*National Association of Professional Band Instrument Repair Technicians

Meet Our Repair Staff


Joe K.

Woodwind Repair

Joe began his repair career in 1983 as an apprentice to John Martens at Musical Instrument Service Center in St. Louis. Learning the business from the bottom up, under a true craftsman, Joe is experienced in all facets of band instrument repair. After 17 years with John, Joe joined the Mozingo Music Team in April 2000, as a woodwind specialist. Joe has a long history of working with local band directors, parents and professional musicians.


Rene l. 

Stringed Instrument Repair

Rene brings 30 years experience and performs expert guitar set-ups, truss rod adjustments, restrings, crack repairs, custom bridge installations (tremolo bridges), intonations, refrets, guitar restoration, electronics repair, pickup installation, input jack repair, potentiometer (pots) replacement, tuning machine installations, and repairs broken headstocks…among many other types of orchestral stringed instrument repair.

Most set-ups, restrings, and minor repairs have only a 1-2 day turnaround (assuming Rene isn’t completely back-logged!).


rick s.

Brass Repair

Rick came to the Mozingo Music Repair Team fresh from Redwing Technical College in Redwing, Minnesota. Learning the latest techniques and modern repair methods, he brings a youthful enthusiasm to an age old trade. Son of local band director, Rick also has an intimate knowledge of the director’s needs and wants.

Serving as percussion consultant with Freedom Youth Percussion, Rick brings years of experience in drumline competition to the Mozingo Music Street Team.